New Jersey's Moonwalk Inflatable Rental Professionals -
Quality Cotton Candy 
Kids both young & old can't resist this machine of sweet happiness!!. It is easy to use and makes terrific, mouthwatering, bright, fluffy cotton candy with many flavors available! Just pour in the correct amount of flavored floss sugar, turn on the heater element and spinning button, and watch the joy & amazement you bring to your children & guests!

  • 60-70 Servings Included - Ready to use Flossine (flavored sugar) included.
  • Flavors Pink Vanilla & Blue Raspberry are always in stock to choose from.
  • 60-70 paper cones are included.
*Our low Price Rental Fee: Only $75.00 All Day!

Cotton Candy Instruction Manual

*Requires 1 dedicated 20amp, 110volt outlet.

Is that Fresh, Hot, Delicious Popcorn
I smell?

 Movie Theater Quality Popcorn Poppers
This high quality popcorn machine is sure to make some of the best popcorn you and your guests have ever tasted just like you get at your favorite movie theater! Always a big hit at any event  for both young children & all adults and extremely easy to operate. Children are just amazed the way popcorn pops out of the kettle!
Included with your rental is everything that you will need to start serving up fresh hot popcorn!
Rental Includes:
  • Popcorn machine
  • 30 - .8 oz. servings (starter) - Pre-measured packs of portion controlled ingredients including corn, oil and salt making perfect quality, great tasting popcorn every batch. No measuring necessary & No waste every time.
  • Scoop (Metal for rental only)

**Additional packs of Ready-to-use popcorn
servings can be purchased for $3.00 each.

*Authentic Movie Theater style popcorn boxes are perfect for movie nite!! The 2 oz. boxes are available for purchase  for .35 cents each.

*Additional .8 oz. striped paper popcorn bags are .5 cents each.

*Requires 1 dedicated 20amp, 110volt outlet. 
*Our Low Price Tabletop Rental (Table not included)
   Fee: Only $75.00 up to 8 hours!
*Our Low Price popcorn popper with push cart on Wheels Only $120.00 up to 8 hours!

*Our Staff will give you a brief instruction on how to use before leaving delivery, it's real easy!
You can now download the manufacturers manual to learn morebefore your event begins below, just click on the tab.

Download Popcorn Machine Instruction Manual

 "Anyone for Sno-Cones!"

Great for those Hot summer parties!!!!


 Cool down with this always easy to use crowd pleasing machine, You provide the ice, press the shaving button and Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!
A variety of flavored syrups to choose from.
*One 8 lb bag of ice will make approximately 25-30 6oz Sno-Cones.
*Two 8 lb. bags of ice will be enough for up to
60 - 6oz. Sno-cones.
In hot climates, double amount of Ice do to melting.
*Simply push the motor switch in and hold it as you pull down on the pusher handle to force the ice against the spinning shaver head. Apply more pressure results in coarser snow, lighter pressure results in finer snow.
Capacity 300 to 500 lbs. of ice per hour.
Deluxe Sno-Konette Ice Shaver Dimensions are: 22"W x 16"D x 18"H (56W x 41D x 46H cm). (391/2" [100 cm] with pusher handle “up”), operates on 816 Watts, 6.8 Amps, 120 Volts.


  • Price includes Sno-Kone machine rental - ALL DAY!!
  • 1 Commercial Sno-Kone flavored syrup gallon with hand pump.

*We only supply ready to use commercial, Professional quality flavored syrups, No mixing required ever!!
*All of our snow cone syrup flavors are Kosher, and we have a certificate on file from the manufacturer we can provide upon request.

  • Ladle for scooping shaved ice.
  • - 6oz. sno-kone labeled cups.

* Ice is not included.

For larger parties additional cups and flavors can be purchased.
Delicious Fruit Punch & Grape flavored syrups are always in stock. If you have a flavor in mind not listed, please ask & we will do our best to get it for you!
Our Low Price Rental Fee: 
Only $75.00* (All Day)

*Requires 1 dedicated 20amp, 110volt outlet.

Tabletop Hot Dog Cart

Epic ServicesThis Portable, Electric Plug in Tabletop Cart can hold up to 50 Hot dogs (depending on length), no problem. Or use each steaming compartment for Bun warming, Sauerkraut/Onion  warming, etc. Has a Boil setting for initial steaming start up, then switch to Low and walk away! It's that easy!! Hot dogs stay steaming HOT & JUICY all day!!!!!

Great for Corporate Functions, Store Grand Openings, Block Parties and More!!!!! 

Rent for Only $75.00 Per Day!!!!!!!
*Requires 1 dedicated 20amp, 110volt outlet.
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