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Quality Cotton Candy 
Kids both young & old can't resist this machine of sweet happiness!!. It is easy to use and makes terrific, mouthwatering, bright, fluffy cotton candy with many flavors available! Just pour in the correct amount of flavored floss sugar, turn on the heater element and spinning button, and watch the joy & amazement you bring to your children & guests!

  • 60-70 Servings Included - Ready to use Flossine (flavored sugar) included.
  • Flavors Pink Vanilla & Blue Raspberry are always in stock to choose from.
  • 60-70 paper cones are included.
*Requires 1 dedicated 20amp, 110volt outlet.
*Our low Price Rental Fee: Only $75.00 Up to 8 Hours Rental
*You can now download cotton candy making instructions - It's like Cotton Candy 101!, Just click on tab below.
Cotton Candy Instruction Manual

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